About Us

The Community Driving School C.I.C. (“The CDS”) Mission Objective

Being able to drive is one of the single most important skills a person can have and is quite literally life changing.  It offers freedom to travel anywhere at any time and opens doors to employment which were previously out of reach.  For example, jobs involving driving, mobility or simply being able to get to a remote location not easily accessed by public transport.  In addition to travel and employment opportunities, a driving licence is a legal form of ID which can be used when applying for voting and other legal disclosures.

Formed in 2016 by director, John Nicholson, the aim of the Community Driving School (CDS) is to allow those on a low wage, unemployed, young carers and students access to jobs previously beyond them and discourage people from driving illegally by accessing funds to assist pay for lessons and obtain a valid UK Driving Licence.

The Government states that 47 hours supported by 20 hours of private practice is the national average of time to pass a driving test.  Any pupil accepted onto our course will receive a minimum of 50 hours bespoke driver training in return for 50 hours community based work experience supported by our partners.  We believe that by having to put some effort into "earning" the driving courses, this encourages respect for what they have earned rather than being given this course without any sacrifice.

John understands what it is like to survive on state handouts and was raised on a council estate in South London in the 1970's & 80's.  His passion in seeking help for those wanting to improve their situation is the driving force behind what we do.  He says "If CDS was available when I was young, it would have made life a lot easier for me.  I fully appreciate that not everyone chooses to be unemployed and I know what having a valid UK driving licence means to people in this modern age.  A driving licence opens so many employment opportunities it is a "rite of passage" that not everyone can afford."



The name, logo and idea are the intellectual property of Community Driving School C.I.C.  Any attempt to copy our plan will result in legal action being taken.