Julian Squiers

Julian is 1/3rd of the way to becoming an instructor and is looking forward to joining the team in 2020.

He has a wealth of teaching experience as a school teacher and tennis & chess coach, working with ages 3-87!

Julian has experience of teaching pupils with Downs Syndrome and Autism and has unlimited patience and humour to make his instruction enjoyable as well as purposeful.

Julian understands how to teach people the physical side of driving and the reflexes required through his tennis coaching work.

His other business can help drivers with decision making and planning as a chess coach.

If you’re too young or don’t feel ready or just want to learn either for fun then give him a call. You’ll definitely enjoy it and may well get an extra edge when you find yourself behind the wheel.

Our CEO said “Julian is passionate about helping others and his experience with teaching will be invaluable to our cause. We cannot thank him enough for joining us and being part of a small, but growing team.”