Driving Licence as Legal Identity

Driving Licence as Legal Identity


A new style photo-card full UK driving licence is a legal form of ID and is accepted by banks and other businesses as such.


People living in financial hardship are being prevented from obtaining this and can turn to crime to fund it, or use fake documents.  The internet provides easy access for people to obtain fake documents which it describes as “novelty” driving licences but there is an obvious misuse for them.  They can be obtained quite cheaply and if someone is desperate, they may take this route instead of learning to drive.

If they turn to crime to fund this, they may find themselves in debt to criminal gangs which is not what most reasonable minded people want in life.  This, in turn, could lead to further crime and a downward spiral of criminality all because a person in poverty wanted to get out of this cycle.

In a case from Nottingham, a man was prosecuted for using fake licence documents and highlights the necessity to make sure everyone has the correct licence.


It is vital that people in financial hardship are allowed access to obtain a full UK driving licence as it benefits everyone in our community.  In terms of reducing the lure of criminal activity to pay for driving lessons and also in the prevention of identity fraud, money laundering and other identity-related crimes.