Broome Park Hotel – Tyler Christy

What is your name and position within your company?

Tyler Christy – Sales Manager

What is the name of your company and how long have you been involved with it?

Broome Park Hotel.

I began my position at Broome Park in October 2017 under its previous owners. Our current owners took over in March 2019 and I remained a firm part of the family.

Tyler Christy with CDS’ TeeJay

What does your company do and what makes it so special?

Broome Park Hotel is a unique property, with 250 acres of Kentish Grounds and a stunning mansion house. Our staff at Broome Park are hospitality experts, with a passion for food, drink and making people happy. The property is special to us because of its history and diverse offerings, from supporting local events to weddings and family holiday stays.

What is the most important value you hold onto in business?

My biggest value is a sense of integrity. In this industry, we work around many walks of life and are involved in a diverse amount of circumstances. My relationship with someone is always built from scratch and never based on prior judgement or a sense of ‘place’ whether that be socially or professionally. This is such an important value to me as anyone that you meet in life could become a very important part of your life be it in business or in your personal time. Each individual person I meet with within my role will always receive the same amount of effort and love from me as a professional and I believe that this reflects in the commitment we have from our guests.

What advice would you give to people interested in becoming entrepreneurs in your industry?

The hospitality industry is like no other. You will work hard, commit a part of your life and soul and never have two days the same. The experience you gain from hospitality is like no other. You are not only responsible for your own role within the business but must learn to be adaptable to any situation. In my years within hospitality I have been in restaurant environments, hosted events, planned weddings and acted as a guest relation within a 1000+ bedroom hotel. I have performed first aid, cooked breakfast, comforted crying children and dressed people! My only advice would be to embrace every opportunity, be confident and most of all be willing to learn – knowledge is key to success.

Why did you choose to “Be Part of The Community” and get involved with Community Driving School?

The background of CDS for me shows how human beings are not made to be alone. We need to pull together as a society and support one another. As a business, Broome Park will benefit from meeting lots of people from the local community and be able to help host some fantastic events for the charity. As an individual, it is a way of giving my skills to something that I believe can make a huge difference to the society around me.

Is there anything you would like to say to those people that will benefit from your generosity?

Keep going. Like hospitality, life is something you need to embrace and take fully in your stride. No matter how hard one day can be, the next could be totally different and whilst not everything seems to be in your control, only you can manage the result.

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