Congratulations Jack!

We at Community Driving School would like to congratulate Jack for passing his driving test on Monday 15th October.

Jack and his family own BonneBombe in Deal and they support us in what we want to achieve with our Community Driven project.

Jack said, “A driving licence is as important as GCSEs or A Levels to get a job.”

Really well done Jack, you overcame those nerves during the test and succeeded with your dream to drive. In the words of the US rock band, Journey “Don’t Stop Believin'” Jack and thank you for trusting us to teach you to drive.

The support form Jack and his family demonstrates how vital the CDS project is for people in financial difficulty. You can be like Jack and his family and join our growing list of supporters.

Get in touch and ask us about sponsorship. It really is a win-win for everyone concerned.

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