Congratulations Tyne – our first pass through the scheme

Community Driving School is proud to announce that we’ve had our first person pass through the scheme. For all of you that have donated to our cause we’d like to thank you for making this possible and here is a message from the brave young lady herself.

This young woman is an inspiration to me and what she has gone through in her life, she can still smile. Amazing person.

“Hi, I’m Tyne I am 25 and a Mum to two beautiful girls.

I’ve had to deal with many traumatic experiences from a young age including; the separation of my parents, I was married and that ended after only 6 months, homelessness and unexpected pregnancy.

My mental health plummeted with a health scare and an operation that resulted in a hospital stay and 8 weeks bedrest, I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my duties as a Mum and was officially diagnosed with depression and am receiving support & medication.

Driving has given me a purpose and the ability to focus on the future and what possibilities this will open up for me. My village is isolated, and although I work in a nearby village public transport links are limited and due to be ended within the very near future.

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors that have allowed John to teach me to drive.”

If you would like to be part of this groundbreaking scheme, please get in touch.

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