CS Creative Studio – Colin Swaffer

What is your name and position within your company?

Colin Swaffer – Owner/Lead Designer

What is the name of your company and how long have you been involved with it?

CS Creative Studio – 8 months

Colin Swaffer of CS Creative Studio

What does your company do and what makes it so special?

CS Creative Studio provides a complete graphic design service and also through trusted associates we offer printing, copywriting, photography and illustration. We passionately want to help companies secure as much new business as possible by having professional, branding and high quality promotional materials at an affordable price.

What is the most important value you hold onto in business?

Honesty, hard work, never stop learning.

What advice would you give to people interested in becoming entrepreneurs in your industry?

Remember you can’t do it all yourself so surround yourself with experts that you can rely on to advise you and help you.

Why did you choose to “Be Part of The Community” and get involved with Community Driving School?

I want do a bit to help a fantastic project and a very worthwhile cause

Is there anything you would like to say to those people that will benefit from your generosity?

Keep up the good work John!

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