Revolution Events – Emily & Izzy

What is your name and position within your company?

Hi there! I’m Emily Taylor, Group Event Manager and I’m Izzy, Senior Marketing Executive at Revolution Events, and we both work together on Business Vision LIVE!

What is the name of your Company and how long have you been involved with it?

Revolution Events has been around since 1999 (does that count as retro now?).

Emily joined Revolution Events in 2014, starting as a Sales Executive soaring up the ranks to Group Event Manager. Izzy is a newbie, having joined Revolution Events in 2021 as a Marketing Executive. Business Vision LIVE however outdates us both, having run each year for the last seventeen years!

What does your company do and what makes it so special?

We organise events of all shapes and sizes, from award ceremonies to C-Suite Roundtables to multi-day conferences to large exhibitions –with Business Vision LIVE being a combination of the last two.

Add a dash of passion, a pinch of fun and an expert team of like-minded, innovative event professionals. And, voila, you have Revolution Events.

What is the most important value you hold onto in business?

It’s cool to be kind. We’re hugely people-orientated here at Revolution Events and thrive on relationships with our suppliers, speakers, attendees, and exhibitors.

What advice would you give to people interested in becoming entrepreneurs in your industry?

Be prepared to get stuck into jobs you might not expect to be involved in – especially on site at events! You might be helping an exhibitor with a pull-up banner one minute and meeting a celebrity speaker the next. That’s what keeps it interesting!

Why did you choose to “Be Part of The Community” and get involved with Community Driving School?

Sometimes barriers to social mobility can seem insurmountable. We love how The Community Driving School is tackling this head-on.

Is there anything you would like to say to those people that will benefit from your generosity?

We wish you the absolute best for the future and best of luck for your driving test!

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