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Ryan Morley

Thank you so much, without you John! I wouldn’t be where I am now, from being homeless to getting a new job and passing my test first time!! All because of You and CDS. Never let your past define your future! Thank you again mate!

Jane Wood

I am writing this as my son Jack is not on Facebook. John is one of the most genuine, calming, friendly and funny people you could ever meet. He was recommended to us as an instructor and he is such a positive influence to nervous learners. We are so pleased to have met John and …

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Luke Marsh

Best instructor you could have. Pure respect to this man.

William Watts

Very good instructor and can have a great laugh with John, would recommend very much!

Nick Adams

Never once felt out of my depth or nervous whilst on lessons with John, he teaches in a calm way and explains things thoroughly. Thanks for all the help John!

James Jenkins

I am really grateful to John, for his calm way in which he has helped me to gain the confidence to learn to drive and believe in myself. This I feel , is because he is a gifted teacher who is prepared to share his valuable knowledge and skills. Thank you John

Megan Moody-Smith

Passed first time with this amazing driving instructor. Such a pleasure to learn to drive with someone funny and who majes you feel at ease. Very patient and understanding, he has helped me so much! Thank you John!

Scott Bennett

John is an amazing instructor and made me feel so comfortable every minute I was in the car with him, he built my confidence immensely and I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass, not only did he teach me incredibly well but his humour is second to none and our lessons were so …

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Siobhan Gayle Casha

I was so lucky to find John as a driving instructor, he was so professional but incredible easy to get along with, making lessons so enjoyable, and at times purely hilarious. He gave me so much confidence, helping me overcome any anxiety I had in doing my driving test and helped me pass after being …

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Sarah Fitt

For anyone that suffers with driving anxiety like myself, I would definitely recommend John, he is very laid back and takes your mind off of stressful situations on the road, we had a lot of laughs and that’s what got me through it and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time! I …

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