We’re teaming up with a top racing driver!

CDS has appointed the incredibly talented Shanel Drewe as our first ambassador.

CDS is the UK’s first EVER Not-For-Profit Driving School.  It was founded in May 2017 by CEO John Nicholson, following a suicide attempt in 2014.  Along with “regular” driving lessons, it provides access to sponsored driving lessons in return for people volunteering within the local community. 

The full value of a driving licence cannot be underestimated for people to get into employment.  People in poverty, the low-waged, ex-addicts, ex-offenders, victims of abuse and other marginalised groups who cannot afford to change their circumstances are being discriminated against as they cannot afford to fund their driving lessons.

In addition to driving lessons, CDS offers CV Writing, confidence building, interview skills and access to Maths & English Courses to improve a person’s employability. 

CDS relies onbusiness sponsorship and donations from members of the public to provide this life-transforming scheme. Now, to help raise the profile of its work,  CDS has partnered with the incredibly talented racing driver Shanel Drewe, who herself has had to fight adversity to be where she is today.

Interested in motorsport from an early age, Shanel had to fight discrimination and sexism in this male-dominated industry to achieve success.

Shanel Drewe said:

“I’m delighted to have been invited by John (Nicholson) to become an ambassador of the Community Driving School. John’s story alone is unbelievably inspirational but when I heard what he was doing at the CDS and how he’s truly changing people’s lives via driving tuition I knew I had to get involved.

Having experienced teaching on track before and seeing the freedom it gives an individual is incredibly powerful and rewarding. I’ve experienced my own adversity working in motorsport, traditionally a male dominated world but that’s only given me more grit and determination to defy the odds and succeed in the sport I love.

Hopefully I can encourage others to also follow their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem. If I can help and inspire John’s students just a tiny bit then it will have been worth it because I’m already truly humbled by their stories!”

This year, in light of social distancing and all the associated problems this brings, we want to share this good news story and hope it shows people that sometimes we have to go through darkness to appreciate what we have in life.

John Nicholson, Founder of Community Driving School CIC said:

“Being a social enterprise means we provide a benefit for the community.  We do that by helping others overcome obstacles to employment and we have been very successful in the time we have been active.  I know what it means to reach “rock-bottom” and the difficulties you face on a daily basis.  We wanted to broaden our profile and an association with the right person is crucial to us doing this in the right way.  Shanel Drewe is in all aspects someone I and our pupils can look to, knowing that the impossible can be possible.  She has had to face terrible adversity and she has overcome all the barriers put in her way through determination, grit and courage.  She is an incredibly positive role-model that we hope inspires all of us to achieve our dreams.   Thank you Shanel for agreeing to be the public face of CDS in the racing community.

This year, in light of social distancing and all the associated problems this brings, we want to share this good news story and hope it shows people that sometimes we have to go through darkness to appreciate what we have in life.

About Shanel Drewe Racing

Shanel Drewe is a Bristol based British racing driver. She got into the sport via the Junior Saloon Car Championship and progressed to the Michelin Clio Cup where she secured 13 podiums, multiple race wins and was crowned vice champion in her first season despite only being 16 years old.

Shanel was planning to race in the Renault Clio Cup in 2020, the support championship for multiple Formula1 races but her plans, like so many, were scuppered due to Covid-19. Her focus has now changed to the 2021 Mini Challenge which supports the British Touring Car Championship.

Shanel is a qualified ARDS (Association of Racing Driver Schools) instructor and teaches people at race tracks across the country how to handle the world’s fastest supercars.

Shanel recently accepted a dream job as a performance driver and instructor for Mercedes-Benz which she hopes to fulfil alongside her racing career.

Website: http://www.shaneldrewe.com/
Twitter: @shaneldrewe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShanelDreweRacing/
Instagram: shaneldreweracing
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanel-drewe-99b889152/

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