Winter 2018 Sponsors’ Newsletter

Community Driving School is very proud to be the first of its kind in the world.  This has only been possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

In this newsletter, we would like to tell you about where your donations have gone and what we are able to achieve because of your support.

It will also pull out some highlights about why this project is vital to improving the lives of people in difficult situations.  As well as what we want to achieve for the future.

John Nicholson, our CEO is incredibly humbled by everything that is being done within the community by our sponsors and sums it up perfectly “This project would still be a dream without the generosity of the communities in which we are operating.  We owe so much to these people and we will continue to strive and push this project knowing we have their support”


Your Support is Vital

Thanks to all of our sponsors, we have been able to achieve the following milestones:

  • Establish ourselves as the first “Back to Work Programme” of its kind in the World
  • Become the first driving school in the UK to have an approved safeguarding policy
  • Deliver sponsored driver training to 4 people who have now improved their lives
  • We are currently training 6 people as part of the sponsorship scheme


First Year Highlights


11th May Community Driving School C.I.C. Incorporated with Companies House.

May: Deal Motor Show met our first fundraising volunteer, Karen Essam

October: Jennifer, the Ford Fiesta Zetec is delivered and fitted with dual controls.  We are ready to start.  The dual controls were funded by our second individual sponsor, Heather Pavlik.

October: our first pupil Tyne steps up to become the first person to start training with CDS as part of the sponsorship scheme.

November: Ricky, becomes our first pupil to be sponsored by a company, Trinity Fencing C.I.C.

December: Isobel, becomes the first-ever self-funded CDS pupil to pass her test at Herne Bay

Jennifer at Reculver Towers, Herne Bay


Without County Garage Ford providing us with a car, we would not be able to be on the road and a lot of credit goes to Allan Thompson for his foresight and bravery.  In his words “It is such a great scheme, we are proud to support it”.

John Nicholson, CEO of Community Driving School says “Allan is very community-minded and he was behind us from the off”.



January: Ricky becomes the first person to pass his test via a sponsorship scheme with a company

February: CDS is the first driving school, to our knowledge, to have an approved Safeguarding Policy

April: Tyne becomes the first ever person to pass their test via being sponsored by CDS

May: CDS takes to the road and is at Deal Classic Car Show which is the first of many events throughout the summer

June: CDS soft-launches its range of #communitydriven clothing to raise funds for the project

June: TeeJay Voller joins the CDS revolution as a volunteer helping John maintain some sort of order

October: CDS begins its search for a second instructor and starts a fundraising programme

Just a sample of the Tee Shirts available designed by Elliot Harris aged 17 and pupil of CDS


This range of clothing will raise funds to enable CDS to grow and develop without relying on one source of funding.

John Says “We are introducing another style as well as baseball caps, beanie hats, sweatshirts and hoodies.  This will raise our profile as well as funds and brings a fresh contemporary design that has been very well received”.

CDS can offer any colour and style that people want.  We are very proud to be working with Tom White from the T-Shirt Factory to supply these fantastic items.


Where Your Sponsorship Money Has Gone

Your generosity has enabled us to get the project off the ground and so far, we have been able to purchase some vital items that we needed on order to be KCC compliant, these include:

Front/Rear in-Car Camera, Tablet to record driver training progress, get an office space & author a bespoke Safeguarding Policy and develop the driver training programme into a reality.

In terms of training people in financial difficulty, your contributions have helped deliver life-changing opportunities to 4 people who have gone on to better themselves and their situation.

One has set up her own cleaning company, another now works with animals as her confidence and anxiety prevents her from working with too many people.

A young man is now employed due to having a driving licence, another is in further education and is planning to get a degree in psychology.

You have all had a major influence with helping these people get on with their lives.


Tyne says “I am now a positive role-model to my children as I can see a future and driving has given me hope”.


The Future

We will get there George, that is a promise from CDS. One way or another, this will happen.

CDS is continuing to grow and John is seeking to train the first of a new style of driving instructors who focus on community and not just getting people to pass their driving test.

CDS is expanding the range of clothing to include new designs and other items of clothing to increase the options and all profits help us carry out the life-transforming work we have been set up to do.

We are also seeking funding for George who is homeless and at 29 is not eligible for much of the funding which is targeted at the 17-24 age group.  He has set up his own removals company with the help of the local Community Church in Deal who are also helping him source a place to stay.  He needs a licence to make this dream a reality as he wants to make something of himself.  This is the sort of person CDS was created to help.

CDS is also seeking to fund the training for a young person who has been abused and their care worker has explained the situation to us and we feel this person needs something positive in their lives.


Current Sponsors


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