Driving Licence & Qualified Instructors pivotal in the role of Safety

Driving Licence & Qualified Instructors pivotal in the role of Safety


In a case reported to the Daily Mirror, a banned driver sat in for driving tests and theory tests for 84 people.  This means there are 84 potential untrained drivers on the roads.  In another case, a gang admitted taking driving tests for 382 people which beggars the question how did they do this?  What was their motivation and the dangers for a driving instructor to be duped by people with no conscience?

There is a case of a woman from Kent charging for driving lessons when she wasn’t qualified to do so. At CDS we ensure all our instructors are up to date will all driving-related training and road rules.

We at CDS work with the DWP to ensure the person selected for our courses are who they say they are and have a National Insurance number.  We check that any provisional licence is clean and the person has no driving endorsements.

With our driving courses, we make sure people have 50 hours of training even if they could potentially take their driving test before this.  As we explain to people, nothing beats experience and by simply driving with a qualified and registered instructor they have access to the best bespoke training methods and courses in a safe environment.

We trust that this minimum training period creates safer and more aware drivers who have experienced many different road conditions during their training.  By also making them “earn” their licence through community work experience, we believe that they will value this more and be less willing to drive recklessly.