What CDS Offers

We have been asked what we offer in terms of driver training for people.  So, to confirm what we do, we have set out below what we offer and who it is for.  Please remember, we are a "Not For Profit" organisation and as such any profits are put back into the company to help us offer sponsored driver training to those in most need.

1 - #communitydriven is our "Back to Work" driver training programme 

This is a specific course for people in financial difficulty to "earn" their driving licence.   

In addition to driver training, we will provide courses for confidence building, interview techniques, CV writing and job references via volunteering roles within the local community.

To qualify for these courses, a candidate MUST be referred by one of our charitable partners.  

A - The criteria is that you are out of work, homeless, low waged, ex-veteran or ex-addict.

B - You are prepared to work within your local community and driving lessons will be provided alongside your work experience.

C - You commit to searching and applying for jobs in tandem with our partners so even if you find a job part way through your training, you will commit to completing the course.


Our first car - "Jennifer"

2 - Part-sponsored driver training

We are working with several firms to provide part-funded driver training for employees who require a driving licence as a reward for their hard work, part of a training scheme or simply to help them out if they are low paid.

This helps out the business and rewards the employee for their efforts.  It is amazing how beneficial this is for both the company and the employee.

This offering has come about as a result of consultation with many businesses and we are including it as part of our Community Driving Project.

3 - "Standard" driver training courses

We offer the very best tailored driver training and specialise in teaching people who suffer with Anxiety, Autism, Self-Confidence and other mental health issues that may prevent you from learning to drive.

Our lesson prices are very competitive and we do support you through every stage of learning to drive.

We have heard of some driver training schools which do not respect their pupils.  For example, we have heard some very disappointing incidents from students about instructors who do not turn up for lessons, constantly late for lessons, rude, make inappropriate remarks about pupils, stink of BO and generally display a lack of respect for you as a pupil. 

We have even heard of instructors who take multiple pupils in the car at the same time!  This is not how we do things.

Community Driving School is different and we will never disrespect you or your training.  Our instructors are properly checked and will give you the security and peace of mind to know that your trust in us is not misplaced.  

For example, your driving test fee is 2 hours, one hour to prepare beforehand and one hour for the test itself.  We do not charge any additional taxes, fees or any other charges.  It is that simple!